Campaigns and Data

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Las Tiesas - Barrax2018
Wytham Woods2018


If using the FRM4VEG data in publications or reports, a link to the FRM4VEG website should be provided along with the following citations:

Surface reflectance
Origo, N., Gorroño, J., Ryder, J., Nightingale, J. and Bialek, A. 2020, Fiducial Reference Measurements for Validation of Sentinel-2 and PROBA-V surface reflectance products, Remote Sensing of Environment, 242, 111690, 10.1016/j.rse.2020.111690.

Biophysical variables
Brown, L.A., Camacho, F., Garcia-Santos, V., Origo, N., Fuster, B., Morris, H., Pastor-Guzman, J., Nightingale, J., Boccia, V. and Dash, J. Fiducial Reference Measurements for Vegetation Bio-geophysical Variables: An End-to-End Uncertainty Evaluation Framework (in preparation).

The following text should also be incorporated in the acknowledgements:

This study has been undertaken using data from the “Fiducial Reference Measurements for Vegetation – Phase 1” (FRM4VEG – Phase 1) project, which was funded by the European Commission and managed by the European Space Agency under the Copernicus programme.