The deliverables of the project are listed in the following table:

IDShort nameDescription
D-10VMValidation methodology for S3 OGVI/OTCI/SYN, S2
L2A and PROBA-V S1-TOC 100 m products
D-11VM1Validation methodology update 1
D-12VMFValidation methodology final version
D-20FPPFRM protocols and procedures for surface
reflectance, fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation (FAPAR) and canopy chlorophyll content
D-21FRMFRM protocols and procedures update 1
D-22FRMFFRM protocols and procedures final version
D-30CIPCampaign implementation plan
D-31CIPFCampaign implementation plan final version
D-40TR-1Technical handbook(s) of FRM4VEG instrumentation
D-50CRR-TRMinutes of meeting and presentations from FRM4VEG
2018 Campaign Readiness Review
D-60RAW-DATRaw unprocessed data collected during the
FRM4VEG 2018 Campaign
D-70VAL-LOGValidation campaign diary
D-80VAL-DATProcessed validation data
D-90VAL-PDDProducts description for validation data
D-100VAL-EOCollocated S2/S3/PROBA-V data used for validation
D-110VALREPValidation report for FRM4VEG campaign
D-120SRFRM4VEG scientific roadmap
D-130WWWFRM4VEG web portal
D-140STOFRM4VEG web stories