Work Packages

The work packages of the project are listed in the following table:

ActivityWork packageTitleLeadDeliverables
1WP1000Validation and traceability methodsUniversity of SouthamptonD-10 and D-20
2WP2000Campaign planningUniversity of SouthamptonD-30
3WP3000 Campaign preparationUniversity of SouthamptonD-30, D-40 and D-50
4WP4000Campaign executionEOLABD-60 and D-70
5WP5000Campaign processing and deliveryEOLABD-80, D-90 and D-100
6WP6000Uncertainty budget and algorithm improvementNPLD-110
7WP7000Roadmap for algorithm validation evolutionNPLD-120
8WP8000Outreach, communication and promotionUniversity of SouthamptonD-130 and D-140