SRIX4VEG: Surface Reflectance Intercomparison Exercise for Vegetation

Contribute towards global community-agreed guidelines for UAV-based surface reflectance product validation

Aims and objectives

Hyperspectral information collected from UAVs is expected to become a major source of surface reflectance (SR) validation data in the near future. Unlike traditional SR validation data collection, an existing good practice protocol does not currently exist that considers data collection from UAVs. As such, SRIX4VEG has been initiated in the frame of the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Working Group on Calibration and Validation (WGCV), in order to put forward a good practice protocol that is jointly determined by the participants through a dedicated campaign and a series of workshops.

The campaign will be based on two core experiments where each participant will:

  • Collect data according to their own methods
  • Follow a provisional protocol

In each experiment every participant will fly sequentially to every other participant (i.e., a round robin) to ensure that each pair of data is as comparable as possible. The variability of the outputs of each experiment will determine the need for a dedicated protocol, while each participant will put forward recommendations on what the final protocol should look like, thereby reaching a community consensus.

Main requirements for participation

  • UAV-mounted hyperspectral imagers capable of measuring 400 nm – 1000 nm contiguously; <= 10 nm spectral resolution
  • Funding to take part
  • EU UAV licence to fly your UAV and payload – further information here
  • UAV insurance to cover 3rd party damage and liability

Expression of interest

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